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Basin Faucet


The basin faucet we provide is more like a work of art symbolizing a kind of culture and life attitude. It is made to the highest standard, combining advanced manufacturing technique, attractive appearance as well as perfect details. Meanwhile, this sink faucet is engineered in various styles and suited to diversified bathroom fittings, providing you cozy sanitary environment.

Our basin faucet passes 72-hour salt spray test and possesses chrome plated coating, thus it is sparkling, durable, antifouling, scratch and corrosion resistant. In addition to superior basin taps, you also can enjoy considerate service at OUTAI, and we are aimed to make your living space more fresh, tasteful and comfortable.

To better meet your usage demand, the sink tap is designed in different types, such as the double-spout double-control type, single-spout single-handle type, the double-spout single-control type, etc. It can be matched with angle valve, drainer, bathroom cabinet and other sanitary fittings.

Product Show

1. This basin faucet adopts multi-layer electroplating technology, making it as bright as a mirror. Besides, it resists scratch and won't fade after long-term usage.

2. Made of high-quality copper material, this faucet is elaborately designed with reinforcement, thicker and heavier than other counterparts.

1. The OUTAI basin faucet is made to national standards and with low lead content, harmless and eco-friendly. It boasts excellent chemical performances, high stiffness, strong cutting and corrosion resistance.

2. The ceramic valve element is meticulously selected. It is leakage-proof and won't fracture after 500,000 times of usage. We promise that it can be used for 30 years.

3. The outer water inlet is made from 304 stainless steel material and the inner pipe is made from non-toxic EPM rubber. The copper head is electroplated and oxidation resisting.

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