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Kitchen Faucet


The kitchen faucet is designed in classic or modern style via combining user demands. We adopt superior raw materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship for production. This kitchen sink faucet complies with ergonomic theory and offers you usage comfort. It can be wall or basin mounted, coming with either single handle or double handles.

Meanwhile, the kitchen tap is engineered with different functions. It can have separate spouts for hot and cold water, single spout for cold water, pull-out spout, or 360-degree rotatable spout. In short, OUTAI is committed to providing you more options for your satisfaction.

Outstanding Merits
1. Our kitchen faucet is made from high-purity copper material with fine texture, which effectively reduces permeation risk during casting process, enhances adhesion of electroplated coating, and meanwhile makes product surface brighter.
2. The kitchen sink tap is chrome electroplated and passes 72-hour salt spray test. In comparison, common products only pass 24-hour salt spray test. Thus, our product is more durable and corrosion-resisting.
3. We make use of imported ceramic valve element which is leakage-proof, crush and corrosion resistant. It also passes destructive test and thus 500,000 times of usage is guaranteed.

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