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Sensor Faucet


Stylish looks, unique contour, and simple installation mode make the sensor faucet a scientific and humanized best-selling. This automatic faucet is designed with fluent and concise lines and configured with AC power box. It comes with single spout for cold water only or double spouts for hot and cold water, meeting different usage demands.

Meanwhile, as this hands free faucet utilizes unique water outlet valve, water softly flows out with bubbles and thereby water splashes are avoided. The valve will be automatically shut off after water flows for 60 seconds, and time delay for valve shutoff is less than 2 seconds. Hence, our sensor faucet is water-saving and environmental friendly.

Besides, this touchless faucet is outfitted with filter screen to maximally filter sand and dust. It is also installation and user friendly, improving your life quality. Presently, it is extensively used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, airports, medical institutions, etc.

1. Water Saving

Our sensor faucet has an automatic sensor for water control. When container or object is within the induction range, water will automatically flows out from the electronic faucet, and will stop after container or object is beyond the induction range. Hence, this faucet is indeed water saving.

2. Timeout Protection
Water flow will automatically stop after 30-second flowing out. This timeout protection effectively avoids water wastage when impurities are within the induction range for a long time.

3. Sanitation
You don't need to touch the sensor faucet during the whole process, and thereby bacterial cross infection is prevented.

4. Power Saving
Due to up-to-date digital technology, this infrared faucet consumes less power during working. It accommodates 4 AA alkaline cells and quiescent current of not more than 60μA. The cells can support normal operation for more than 1 year.

5. Adjustability
You can adjust induction sensitivity according to actual situations.

6. Delicate Craftsmanship
Our faucet is made from brass via casting. Impurities won't come into the solenoid valve and cleaning is easy.

7. Low Voltage Warning
When the cells are in the state of low power, indicator is on to remind you of replacing the cells.

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