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Shower Column


The OUTAI shower column is devised combining user needs. It can be wall mounted, fit for traditional bathrooms or bathtubs in shower rooms. Meanwhile, both hand held shower head and overhead shower head are available by fast switch, allowing you to enjoy a delightful shower.

1. Our shower panel adopts top-grade ABS high temperature resistant material, and thereby scald hazard resulted from over temperature is avoided.

2. The oversized overhead shower head utilizes new-generation aerodynamic technology to mix air and water, and thus soft water drops are formed instead of traditional sharp rapid water flow.

3. This shower column is designed with fast on faucet, and you will be surrounded by warm water flows and separated from external cold air. Meanwhile, you are totally free without action restrictions during showering.

4. The shower head of this shower fixture enables 360-degree rotation for your convenience.

5. Multiple water flow modes are available, including rain type, rapid flow type, mist type, storm type, etc. Thus, your shower demands will be completely satisfied, adding your life more fun.

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