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Shower Slide Bar

As one of showering components, our shower slide bar is manufactured from high-quality raw materials via delicate production techniques. It is elegant and durable, and you don’t need to compromise between fashion and comfort any more.

This shower slider bracket is primarily composed of socket, socket support, shower hose, hand shower, soap dish, etc. The socket support is retractable, consisting of muff-coupling bar and locating mechanism between bars.

Consequently, the socket height of our shower slide bar can be freely adjusted by regulating the retractable socket support, and fixing is secure and reliable. Meanwhile, the socket support has long service life, and won’t get stuck or turn loose during shower.

  • OT-6276
  • OT-6277
  • OT-6278
  • OT-6279
  • OT-6280
  • OT-6281
  • OT-6282
  • OT-6283
  • OT-6284
  • OT-6285
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