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Toilet Cistern

OUTAI makes use of superior ABS, and PP plastic steel materials to produce the toilet cistern. The finished toilet tank features high strength, long lifespan, attractive appearance, unique ceramic white color, mute function and environmental protection.

Our toilet cistern is engineered with nano buttons, sanitary and antibacterial. It comes with two-gear drive as well as intelligent and advanced components. Volume of water inflow, discharge and storage is adjustable.

This toilet water tank is human-oriented, safe and water-saving. It is also cleaning and installation friendly, saving you from heavy work burden.

  • OT-1403
  • OT-1404
  • OT-1405
  • OT-1406
  • OT-1407
  • OT-1408
  • OT-1409
  • OT-1410
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