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Ceramic Toilet

The OUTAI ceramic toilet presenting graceful and subtle visual perception is originated from the inspiration of jewelry cutting technique, vehicle head model or other daily things. Each detail of the ceramic nightstool reflects your pursuit of dignity and high-quality life. Owning this sanitary equipment will make you feel live in a five-star hotel, so what are you waiting for?

1. Our ceramic toilet incorporates incomparable design and fine manufacturing crafts, made to the highest standard. After high-temperature calcination, it comes with uniform luster and bright glaze of moderate thickness.
2. The glaze has low water absorption ratio, leakage-proof and odor resistant. Besides, the glazed blowdown pipe ensures smooth sewage disposal.
3. Extraordinary washdown performance is water saving and economic. The ceramic closestool only needs 4.8L water to achieve remarkable washdown effect.
4. The bathroom fitting provides stable and high-speed water flow, and allows for good washing out and sewage disposal effects, perfect for home and commercial use.
5. Installation and operation are easy and convenient.

  • OT-1203
  • OT-1206
  • OT-1207
  • OT-1211
  • OT-1214
  • OT-1215
  • OT-1217
  • OT-1219
  • OT-1224
  • OT-1227
  • OT-1228
  • OT-1233
  • OT-1234
  • OT-1235B
  • OT-1235G
  • OT-1235R
  • OT-1235Y
  • OT-1236
  • OT-1237
  • OT-1238
  • OT-1239
  • OT-1240
  • OT-1241
  • OT-1242
  • OT-1281
  • OT-1282
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