Ceramic Bathroom Products

The manufacturing process of our ceramic bathroom products begins with high-temperature heating of already molded pottery clay. Then, vitrified pottery clay is glazed, featured by stiffness, bright luster, smoothness and delicacy. The finished bathroom facilities are seepage-proofing, pore-free, sturdy and durable.

Our ceramic bathroom products are resistant to dirt, scorch and scratch. They combine ergonomic theory, and edges are designed with round corners, providing you usage comfort and safety.

These bathroom amenities include the toilet, basin, squat pan, urinal, mop sink and many other products, inspired from our daily life and offering you one-stop home furnishing solution.

    1. Ceramic Basin

      OUTAI is always in the pursuit of quality excellence in the course of providing the ceramic basin of different sizes. Compromising between simplicity and luxury, this bathroom basin embodies infinite wisdom and elegant art taste. The entire design is rational, life-based and human-oriented, making life easier and better.

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    1. Ceramic Toilet

      Extraordinary washdown performance is water saving and economic. The ceramic closestool only needs 4.8L water to achieve remarkable washdown effect.
      The bathroom fitting provides stable and high-speed water flow, and allows for good washing out and sewage disposal effects, perfect for home and commercial use.

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    1. Ceramic Squat Pan

      The ceramic squat pan comes into existence as a result of meticulous manufacturing craft and distinguished design. Combining state-of-the-art technologies, this squatting pan enables vortex-type washdown, and features bright luster, high smoothness and durability because of high-temperature calcination craft.

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    1. Ceramic UrinalThe ceramic urinal comes with one-piece fluent contour, concise design and fine crafts. It adopts high-temperature calcination, the glaze of which is smooth and delicate. The drainage pipe is built-in, thus the entire product is artistic and easy for cleaning.
    1. Ceramic Mop SinkEdges of this mop tub are designed with round corners, protecting people from injury during handling. Some of our products are configured with faucet mounting hole, convenient for faucet installation. Thickened ceramic wall can stand up to high impact, and humanized design effectively avoids water splashes.