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Bathroom Cabinet


OUTAI provides the bathroom cabinet in a large array of styles, such as the contemporary style, European style, antique style, oak style, the stainless steel style, etc. In respect of design pattern, our bathroom cabinet covers the standalone type, two-man type, combined type, the symmetric type, etc. It can be divided into the solid wood type and the stainless steel type regarding raw materials.

1. Solid Wood Type
This type of bathroom cabinet adopts solid wood as base material featured by high density and stiffness. Wood processing contains no toxic materials, and waterproof eco-friendly paint coating is utilized. Thus, there is less formaldehyde emission. Meanwhile, this kind of bathroom furniture is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, deformation, and its humidity resistance exceeds national standards.

It boasts delicate design, meticulous craft and fluent contour, integrating fashion and classic style. It will improve your life quality to a large extent.

2. Stainless Steel Type
This type of washroom vanity is manufactured from superior stainless steel via fine crafts. It is waterproof, eco-friendly, resistant to humidity, rust and mildew.

1. Storing Space

Our bathroom cabinet is a multifunctional cabinet for storing things based on classification. It adopts divisional design concept to maximize storage capacity, and provides safe space for trivial articles, only occupying a tiny part of bathroom space.

2. Glass Mirror
The glass mirror is polished by means of 12 procedures. It presents clear image and won't turn yellowed after long-term usage.

3. Ceramic Basin
Pottery clay is vitrified after calcination at a high temperature of 1280°C. Through the adoption of self-cleaning technology and specialized glazing materials, the ceramic basin is more smooth than common products. Meanwhile, it is waterproof and cleaning friendly.

On the other hand, our bathroom cabinet comes with double basins for usage convenience, and humanized washboard-like design allows for 360-degree clothes washing. As the glazing surface is thick, the basin is scratch-proof. Circular chamfering craft largely reduces safety hazard, making the ceramic basin attractive and secure.

4. Hinge
The toilet cabinet is configured with reinforced hinge for easy and smooth opening and closing, and meanwhile, noise and damage are greatly reduced. The cabinet door can be fully opened, providing convenience for article storage.

5. Top
The top of our bathroom cabinet may be made from ceramic or imported natural marble or granite, featured by high smoothness and fine texture, bringing you ultra natural usage comfort.

6. Handle
We provide a wide variety of handles including anti-corrosion metal handle, wooden handle, etc. These handles come with fluent contour and fine manufacturing crafts, making the entire basin more artistic.

7. Drainage Pipe
The hidden-type drainage pipe is simple, easy for cleaning.

8. Installation
Our washroom vanity can be wall mounted or floor mounted, saving your living space and symbolizing infinite dignity.

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