Bathroom Fitting

OUTAI supplies the bathroom fitting in a large varieties, including the angle valve, flush valve, floor drain, shower hose, drainer, hand shower, the toilet seat, etc. These bathroom fixtures are tailor-made rather than mass production, suited to decorating your individualized living space.

We manufacture the bathroom fitting adopting state-of-the-art technology and craft, and each product is a perfect combination of delicate design and high quality. It will be compatible with your home furnishing style.

    1. Angle ValveIt effectively prevents against medium blockage by virtue of scouring action of the medium, thus self-cleaning performance is better.
      In the meantime, this bathroom hardware features small flow resistance, the flow coefficient of which is larger than that of single seated valve and is equal to that of double seated valve.
    1. Flush ValveGreat attention is paid to details during each production procedure, and this water supply valve with delicate design is specially engineered to cater for the use needs of public environment.
      The toilet flush valve adopts refined copper material and copper valve element which enables self closing for fear of time delay during application.
    1. Floor Drain

      The floor drain is a must-have for each family. It is buried under the floor and is an important connector between drainage pipeline and indoor floor. A qualified floor drainage product is beneficial to bathroom smell control and also to improvement of indoor air quality.

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    1. Shower HoseIt boasts excellent flexibility and high resistance to explosion, corrosion, as well as high and low temperature. Generally, this shower pipe is coupled with angle valve and faucet, integrating aesthetics and practicability. Meanwhile, it is simply designed and easy for installation.
    1. DrainerOur bathtub drain is featured by simple, fluent contour, fine manufacturing crafts, high-quality materials and perfect detailing. It completely combines aesthetics and practicability, easy for installation.
      To choose a better drainer, you should first be clear about whether there is an overflow port at the bathtub or wash basin.
    1. Hand ShowerThe hand shower enables 360-degree rotation by adopting special technology. You can freely switch between different water flow modes like the rain mode, ejecting mode, mist mode, the storm mode, etc. Thus, this hand held shower can satisfy different showering demands.
    1. Toilet SeatThis bathroom fitting is specially designed in strict accordance with toilet structure. It enables slow, mute and reliable descent, maximally protecting the toilet body from violent impact. Meanwhile, our toilet seat is bright, durable and antifouling.