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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The stainless steel kitchen sink is manufactured from superior stainless steel plate, free from heavy metals. Humanized anti-overflow edge and water retaining sides effectively avoid water splashes and side leakage, easy for cleaning. The kitchen basin is securely fixed by fastening buckles for safe operation.

We provide the kitchen sink of different styles and strong functionality. According to structure, it is classified into the two-equal-basin type, two-unequal-basin type and the single basin type. The first type provides equal basin space, the second type is convenient for use, and the third type provides larger usage space.

Detailed Features
1. We adopt exquisite CNC welding craft to create the top-of-the-range stainless steel kitchen sink. The sink wall is vertically designed to maximize sink depth for usage comfort.
2. The surface of our stainless steel sink is polished and frosted. Meanwhile, drawing process without using grease is utilized, making the whole product non-glare, anti-scratch and easy for cleaning.
3. Back side is coated with anti-corrosion paint, waterproof and humidity resistant. It also helps to keep kitchen clean and extend the service life of the stainless steel kitchen sink.
4. Bottom plate is configured with cushion rubber to minimize water flow noise.
5. Drainer is made from high molecular materials, and engineered with S-shape interior as well as anti-overflow device. The drainer highly resists against humidity, odor and high temperature.

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