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Kitchen Solution

Kitchen is a gathering place for all families, and it should be designed and built meeting usage demands. Apart from a complete set of kitchen fittings, OUTAI also offers comprehensive kitchen design solution, covering the respects as below.


1. Design
The kitchen tap of OUTAI adopts user-centered design and innovative concept, well combining exquisite polishing craft and ergonomic theory. From the stage of product development, all materials and components are strictly tested to ensure high quality. This sink tap also passes endurance test, and its performance is trustworthy.
2. Water outlet
This faucet is designed with three types of water outlets, i.e. the low type, medium-height type and the high type. Each type of tap is ideal for your kitchen need.
3. Handle
Handle is designed at the same side of tap body. Besides, the tap can be wall mounted to save kitchen space.
4. Style
Our tap is tailor-made to better suit your kitchen, bathroom or entire home furnishing style.

Kitchen Layout
Kitchen layout is closely related to size and shape of kitchen. Generally, sink, oven, oven holder and food preparation zone should be built in triangular shape and against wall, free from disturbing. Also, this kind of kitchen layout also saves your time during cooking. If you are agreed with this opinion, just try to reconstruct your kitchen.

Site Selection
It is perfect if there is a place for operating desk between kitchen sink and pot holder. Floor-type side-by-side cooking utensils will make you more like a professional chef. If there is a built-in cabinet, you can put the unused oven inside it. Please remember that sufficient space should be reserved for front opened oven or dish washer, and the dish washer should be near the sink for good preparation before washing.

Design Style
Space for storing food, dishes and tableware should be reserved. Please design a broad drawer between kitchen sink and oven holder. As wall mounted utensils make kitchen look smaller, glass cabinet door or open-type shelf is a better choice to solve this problem. Pull-out net basket is very popular on the current market, easy for article storage.

Open Kitchen
Presently, open kitchen with dining space is much popular. If your kitchen is large enough, island type or peninsula type workbench can be used to divide cooking zone and dining zone. Meanwhile, you can use different table cloth for decoration.